Latvian honey and bee products! Be healthy without chemicals!

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Annas Dravas is a family business in Latvia - Iecavas District - Dimzu kalns.  Anna, a beekeeper, thought for a long time about starting beekeeping and in 2014, Anna bought the first 5 bee colonies as a hobby to understand if we can do it, and at the given moment in 2024, there are 100 bee colonies in Anna's Drava.

Anna, the beekeeper, manages to establish a relationship with the bees and so much honey is brought in that we cannot eat it all ourselves. With the good words of relatives and friends, beekeeper Anna creates a label for honey and goes to the first farmer's market. The honey is given the name - Annas Drava.

Beekeeping turns out to be a whole science, so the beekeeper Anna attends courses and acquires knowledge that helps Anna's hives grow and develop. Anna has acquired knowledge in Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine about apitherapy (treatment with bee products) and medicinal plants. Our bee colonies are located far from agricultural production, so our honey is ecologically clean and delicious. Almost all medicinal plants are collected in the wild, in forest meadows.

We are very proud of our Annas Drava honey and bee products.
Eat bee products and be healthy without chemicals!

Healthy without chemicals!

  • Dimzukalns, Iecavas novads, Latvia